next in line is my sister's youngest, molly. since i can remember we have always called her boo. not really sure where that originated, but maybe my sister can. the cutest is when she refers to herself as boo. molly was born in january and sometimes doesn't understand why ALL of her siblings get presents in july.

boo loves fashion and accessorizing. if something is cute she will let you know. if it's really cute she'll say "cute, cute, cute!" she loves earrings, necklaces and shoes. the girls love when aunt brooke comes to town b/c she lets them try on her heels. i think the purple heels are their favorites!

one of boo's favorite things is her blanket, or "blankie." there used to be only one that fit the role, but it has now expanded to about 5 or 6. she usually only uses it at night or when she's really sleepy. she likes to rub the blanket and make little balls with the fabric....basically until there is no blanket left.

my sister has a blog that has all of the hilarious stories from her kids. one of my favorite boo stories is here. check out all of my sisters stories if you want a great laugh!


Laura said...

And...it's good to find your blog! I have 7 nieces and nephews, too!! They are beautiful!

thecrazyoreillys.blogspot.com said...

when molly was little, she used to say "boo boo" instead of peek-a-boo. and she would do that all the time! it was so cute, w/ her cute little voice, that i started calling her boo boo. it just, over time, got shortened to "boo."