some of my favorite things

there are some things i love right now.

flash mobs and the tv show "the middle"

ole miss just pulled off a flash mob in the union. you can see the video here. i wish they had done cool things like that when i was there.

here is another one. they danced to michael jackson in stockholm.
and i'm sure everyone has seen this one where they dance to a sound of music song in belium. who doesn't love a good sound of music sing along with dancing??

it's a worldwide phenomenon. and i'm always amazed.

the ole miss one reminds me of zumba classes that my sister & i used to take when i lived in mississippi. oh how i miss zumba.

if you don't know what zumba is....watch this. it is an aerobics class where the instructor just dances and you follow along. she doesn't call anything out. you just dance. it should be included in my list of favorite things.

my next favorite.

the middle.

i really could just narrow it down to one of the characters on the show. brick.
you have to watch this to see what i'm talking about. heath and i find ourselves imitating his whispering all the time. it comes on wednesday nights before modern family (which is another one of our favorites). just trust me. you'll love it.