some cute & funny things from texas

- annabel has an imaginary baby that she keeps in the palm of her hand. she feeds the baby and puts diapers on her. she gets upset when sister friend sits on the baby.
- i'm a sucker for my nieces and got them some orange tic-tacs when we were waiting in the check-out line at target. i figured they would be better than real candy. everytime we got in the car annabel would hold out her hand for an orange tic-tac. she and cailin love them!
- we went to la hacienda de los barrios. the home of the puffy taco that was on bobby flay's throwdown. i guess that's not really cute or funny, but i love bobby flay.
- mamaw told annabel and cailin a story about a rabbit, so now annabel has an imaginary bunny rabbit in the other hand.
- cailin is smarter than i am.

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