the past 6 months...

here is a recap of our past 6 months with our sweet boy...

at his 6 month check up he was:
weight: 19lbs. 
length: 26.5in.

his first word: hey...he says it to everyone
his favorite food: bananas
his favorite toy:  still his lion over his changing table & the "friends" above his crib...his mobile
when he started sleeping through the night: 1 month old and since then sleeps 10-14 a night
states he's visited: tennessee, louisiana & alabama
things he loves:  laughing at his daddy, food, laughing when being tickled, sucking on both fists...at the same time, listening to music, putting his toes in his mouth, kick-kick time, chika on sprout, bedtime, being outside, looking at trees when we go anywhere & being spoiled by his grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins

here are some more recent pictures

this is what happens when your half birthday falls on cinco de mayo!

look at those eyes

already in with the celebrities

we were at my brother's car race & put headphones on to cancel out the sound of the cars...he wasn't sure what was going on

listening to his uncle michael's band

st. patrick's day parade with daddy

november 5, 2010

the date that changed mine & heath's world forever! 

i will back up to november 4th...

i went to a surprise baby shower for one of my best friends, helen marshall.  while i was at the shower i started having contractions.  i didn't really think anything of it because i had already had some on and off.

those contractions started around 6pm. 

i came home and heath & i watched a movie...i kept feeling the contractions. 

we tried to go to bed, & i only slept about 45 min. 

i decided i should probably start timing these bad boys.  i had a handy app on my phone that would time contractions.  they were now 5 min. apart, lasting about a minute each and that was for about an hour.  the 5:1:1 combo!  i woke heath up around 2 and we timed them again to make sure.  i had been to the doctor the day before and she didn't see anything progressing, so we wanted to make sure. 

at 3 heath called the hospital & they told us to come on down!

i fully expected for them to send me home.  women in my family take FOREVER to go into labor.  well, i was 1 cm!  i know women go weeks at 1 cm, but for me that was huge!  an hour i had progressed to 3 cm. 

it seemed to be going pretty quickly.  woohoo!  well, it didn't go so quickly for the rest of it...but that's ok.  looking back it all seems like a blur. 

my sister & heath were in the delivery room with me.  at last...24 hours later...our sweet little boy was born! 

the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice, but the doctor was so quick & it didn't cause any problems.  he was a little blue, but he bounced right back.  they said that it hadn't been that way for long, so we are blessed!   below are pictures from the day. 

heath's mom, cousin & my nieces waiting in the waiting room

heath's dad & aunt geraldine

my brother-in-law, michael & niece molly & nephew alex

the babies entertaining everyone in the waiting room with their dance moves

he's here!  7lb. 9oz. of sweetness!

could i love these two men any more??

i love him so much!!