i didn't think i would get a chance to post today or ever again. the storm that hit gluckstadt today wiped out my power. my sweet sister invited me over for dinner...she's an amazing cook. i got to hear all about alex's first day of first grade. annie and emily start kindergarten tomorrow, so they showed me the hello kitty outfits they have picked out. am i a nerd because i miss first days of school? the new notebooks. new pens.
my sister decorated the kids brown bags for their lunches tomorrow. where she finds the time...i have no clue.

when i came home from her house my power was back, but my computer would not reboot. i gave up. left the room. came back and it worked. i wish that method would work for other things in life. i don't really want to think about not having my computer...i've had it since college. my whole life is on this thing. i guess i need to get something to back things up.
before the storm hit i decided to take pictures of something i'm really proud of. my tomato plants! they are actually my dad's tomato plants, but i adopted them when he started getting really sick. you have to know that i have never kept any form of plant alive. i forget to water them or i water them too much.
but these tomatoes...i have kept them alive! some branches grew too long before i had a chance to tuck them up, so it's not the prettiest tomato plant. i just picked a lot of them yesterday, but came out this morning and there were even more red ones! growing tomatoes are so much more fun than flowers.
btw...they are delicious!

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The Crazy O'Reillys said...

hey! i have fresh basil, so bring me some fresh tomatoes, and we can make some pizza margherita!