baby mousey cheese

our youngest niece called us when we got pregnant. she is 4 and wanted to know if she was having a baby boy cousin or a baby girl cousin. i told her we didn't know yet, and asked her what we should call the baby. she thought for a little bit & decided on "baby mouse."
i have no clue where she got this name. she adores any kind of animal...and baby mice are up at the top apparently.
we told her that we found out it was a boy & the name evolved to "baby mousey cheese."

here is our little baby mousey cheese at 27 weeks


the nursery

i love sweet, gentile nurseries...adore them. but i also love colorful children's paintings....LOVE them. after writing color theory papers in college & majoring in art, psychology and human development i understand the importance of bright colors in early development. good thing that i have lots of colorful paintings! i didn't really have to buy much of anything for the nursery.

here is the view coming in the door. where the star pillow is will be a chenille chocolate brown glider.

the tall walter anderson would only go in that spot. it weighs about 100 lbs. & we didn't want to risk it coming off the wall, so that is where it is going to stay!

heath has to lower the mattress, so then i will be able to tie the ties on the bumper. it's just the simple brown and white bedding from pottery barn. since i knew that the paintings would be colorful i wanted to keep everything else simple. the brown chest is one i already had. the crib was a gift from heath's mom. she gave us some money for a crib & i found one we loved at a great price! we were able to get it and the changing table with the money she gave us.
we are trying to find some curtains for the window because the sun still comes through the blinds. i have some more paintings to put where the tv is on top of the chest.

i'm painting a picture for the hospital door that will eventually hang over the changing table.

still have some more work to do in this area. i have a small painting to go by the tv, so hopefully everything will seem balanced.

this is the bookcase that is by the door. i'm going to need to hit up some garage sales to fill it! although i'm sure i'll have plenty of stuff to fill it with once our little guy shows up!

my sweet mom got us our stroller and car seat, so we are ready for our sweet little guy to get here!!



in your dreams...

apparently pregnancy gives you the strangest of dreams. i'm not sure if the dreams are different than what i normally have, or if it seems weird now because i can remember them.

these are just a few of the ones i have had:

- heath was the bachelor and gave me the final rose. while on our final date we had a stalker and the restaurant we were in had mice running all over. the stalker kept trying to get him, but he gave me the rose in the end. haha.

- one of my good friends, cassie corless, was kidnapped by dean cain (yes, superman) and i saved her.

- i started selling fruit that i would pick from the trees outside our apartment. helen marshall is one of my best friends. at her wedding about 7 years ago i met her uncle. i've probably run into him two other times in my life. well....he was my main customer. her mom was also a buyer of my fruit as well.

- heath and i went on vacation with one of my childhood best friends and his wife...henry & natalie glover. we went to miami. i've never been to miami in my life. we went to some big show, but had to go to this booth to pick them up. henry & natalie had already gone in. the woman giving us the tickets was jordan walker's mom. jordan grew up with henry & me, but i haven't seen him in ages. jordan's mom told us that jordan was planning on coming to the show with grenades & was going to use them. jordan is the sweetest guy on the planet...married to the sweetest girl & just had a little baby. not sure what that's all about.

- caroline hogan is one of my best friends. we gave a baby shower for her when she was pregnant with her first little girl. one of the presents she got was the largest stuffed elephant i've ever seen. like 4 feet tall. i don't remember much of the dream, but i do remember rocking the elephant to sleep in m.g.'s nursery.

- i caught heath kissing another girl in one of the dreams. his response when i caught him was that i was better & always would be. good to know. haha!

that's all i can remember for right now, but i know there are more of them.
i'm not sure if i want to know an interpretation for any of these!

that is all i can remember right now, but i know there are more of them. the weirdest thing is that it is people i know.


lots of changes...

in addition to the new background there is lots of news to share with y'all.

we are officially back in mississippi!! we are so excited! moving while 6 months pregnant is not very exciting though. unpacking and decorating a house is one of my favorite things to do. i can usually have the whole house set up in a day or two. this time it has taken a little bit longer because i am dependent on my sweet husband moving everything for me. once i find the piece of equipment that lets me upload pictures to my computer i will be back in business with the blog.

while you wait for that i will share with you a picture of our sweet baby's crib!
which brings me to the most exciting news...
we found out that we're having a BOY!!
what a sweet and precious time it was having that sonogram and seeing our little boy!
his name will be michael gerald, but he'll go by m.g.
i know you're thinking it.....no, he's not going to be named after me.
heath's grandfather was the most influential man in his life & basically helped raise him. his name was milford gerald, but everyone called him m.g.
we are naming our m.g. after him and the michael comes from my dad.

we are so excited about this little boy & feel blessed that the Lord would give us this special little one!! we hope to raise him to know Christ each and every day of his life.

here is his little crib.
we don't have the paintings up yet, so i'll take more pictures when it's all put together!


some of my favorite things

there are some things i love right now.

flash mobs and the tv show "the middle"

ole miss just pulled off a flash mob in the union. you can see the video here. i wish they had done cool things like that when i was there.

here is another one. they danced to michael jackson in stockholm.
and i'm sure everyone has seen this one where they dance to a sound of music song in belium. who doesn't love a good sound of music sing along with dancing??

it's a worldwide phenomenon. and i'm always amazed.

the ole miss one reminds me of zumba classes that my sister & i used to take when i lived in mississippi. oh how i miss zumba.

if you don't know what zumba is....watch this. it is an aerobics class where the instructor just dances and you follow along. she doesn't call anything out. you just dance. it should be included in my list of favorite things.

my next favorite.

the middle.

i really could just narrow it down to one of the characters on the show. brick.
you have to watch this to see what i'm talking about. heath and i find ourselves imitating his whispering all the time. it comes on wednesday nights before modern family (which is another one of our favorites). just trust me. you'll love it.


our little jelly bean

this morning was a first for us! we went to oschner here in new orleans to have an ultrasound!
we were able to see our little jelly bean and hear the heartbeat!
they determined that we are about a week behind what we thought we were.
soo....our due date is nov. 20th.
i am about 6.5 weeks pregnant. i can't wait for another 5 weeks, so i can breathe a little easier!
we feel so blessed!
it is amazing that this little dot will grow so much over the next months!
love y'all and thank you for praying for our little family!



what are you doing in november??

november 12th we will be having a party in a waiting room somewhere in nola as we welcome our FIRST CHILD!!

you heard it! the estimated due date is nov. 12th, but i'll find out more later.

this was a surprise to us, but we also knew it was a possibility considering i'm allergic to birth control.

we are beyond thrilled!! if you know me at all you know how much i love children!
to think that the Lord saw fit that we should be parents completely humbles us! we have already started praying for this sweet child and ask y'all to join us.

i know that a lot of people wait a few weeks til they announce. well....i was never good at holding things in! my sister told me that you live as if you are going to have the healthiest baby & if something else happens....then you deal with it. i'm not going to worry about that right now.
if something were to happen then i know the Lord is still in control & i would want my friends to know then too.

this way y'all can all be praying for sweet little ferguson, who is the size of an orange seed right now! haha!

love y'all!!


because i love y'all...

happy valentine's day!

i think i told y'all last year how much i love this day. it's true. heath wasn't in the picture last year, and i still loved it! always will!

our weekend was amazing. i'll come back to it once i get our pictures up.

for now i will share with y'all what i look forward to every morning.

my favorite breakfast.

cinnamon oatmeal with strawberries and walnuts.

i have a secret though and since it's valentine's day and i love all of y'all....i'll share it with you.

if you get the weight control oatmeal it has the least amount of sugar. here's the secret....make it with 3/4 cup of soymilk. trust me on this! vanilla or very vanilla by soy taste the yummiest.
heath and my brother, thom, are probably the last people that would ever try soymilk.
they both LOVE this oatmeal though.

just a warning though. once you try it this way you will never be able to go back to water or regular milk. you will probably have to have it every morning, but at least it's good for you!

hope y'all had an amazing valentine's!!


and the saints win!!!

i'll come back to the wedding stuff, but i had to talk about the saints!


it was such an amazing game! we went to one of heath's co-workers houses to watch the game with some other of our friends. i was so excited that i completely forgot to take some pictures.
these pictures are from the weekend that my brother, thom, came to new orleans for the NFC championship game. heath was so sweet and let me go to the game with him! it was an awesome game! i've told you about my best friend, caroline. the guy painted up in gold is her husband, reed, aka "goldman."

i've known reed for a while now and he is an amazing father and husband! i'm so thankful when my best friends have awesome husbands! he is a doctor in dallas and after his God, wife and children...the saints are his true love!

here is an article about him.
i'm sure you've seen him on tv.

i am so excited for the saints and for reed, but definitely more excited for the city. this is going to be so great for new orleans, and i'm so excited to be living here during all this excitement!


btw...isn't my husband a cutie?


decisions, decisions

i'm going to try to post some pictures of how i came to some of the decisions we made about our wedding....let's be honest....decisions i made.

i didn't want to post them before the wedding because i didn't know which decisions would stick and which i would change at the last minute. so here goes...

my sister and i live for parties. we love decorating and going all out.

i figured a long time ago that your own wedding is like the ultimate party because it's all about you and your spouse. you get to make all the decisions.

it's so funny how we dream about our weddings and have it all planned out, but when the time comes....our decisions are different than we thought they would be.

i started collecting pictures a long time ago of things that i liked. i knew i wanted to get married at the beach. i think everyone knew this about me because i've been saying that since i was in the sixth grade. the wedding wouldn't be on the beach...just at the beach...the seaside chapel to be exact. i wanted my bridesmaids to wear whatever white outfit they wanted. the groom/groomsmen would wear white shirts and khaki pants. my dad was so excited about all of this because he could wear tennis shoes.
the rehearsal dinner would be at either the red bar or stinky's (my dad's favorite restaurant down there)

getting married in december wasn't really conducive to a beach wedding. it would have been difficult for our family and friends as well.
so we decided on jackson.

i decided on the yacht club because we could have our pictures in front of the boats and feel like we were at the beach.

the yacht club was awesome!
the only part that i didn't like was having our reception split. they have an upstairs and a downstairs. it's perfect in the summer b/c there is a natural flow, but the winter is a little bit more difficult. i knew this going in, but we decided on it anyway. i'm so happy we did!

just look at this view!
that was taken the night of our wedding by my cousin. the Lord gave us a perfect day!!

so here is decision #1...our reception location


my new favorite thing

granted i have only used it one day, but i'm really excited about my new discovery.

bounce dryer bars

you stick the bar in your dryer and it is supposed to last for 2 months. you don't have to remember to put a dryer sheet in and you don't have dryer sheets all over your house when your laundry is done.

this is such a great idea, that even if it has problems i am sure that they will be fixed and improved.

i have seen the future and it smells good!


jumping in...

so you know when you start blogging you kind of start seeing things differently. you can't wait to create a meal that is "blog-worthy" or you find the the greatest new thing on the market and want to share your discovery with others. then there are the events that you want to share with everyone. i find myself taking pictures of everything, so that i can blog about it later.

right about the time that heath & i started dating i got a new computer. i LOVE it! it is an imac. before this computer i had had my previous one for 10 years. it was the greatest computer and still is, but being an artist....a mac is a must. the only problem was that all of my pictures were on my old computer. i slowly transferred all of my info onto my new computer. everytime i was on my computer i was working on organizing and such.

then there was the new boy in my life. i sort of got distracted. then we got engaged. then i sold my house. then i moved all of my belongings except for myself to new orleans. i moved in with my mom and planned our wedding. i really like being organized. i like having a place for everything to go. y'all should know this by now. having my stuff scattered all over the place didn't bode well for my ability to sit down and blog.

so my blog took a huge hit.

but i'm back.

i'll post tonight, but i'm in a wedding this weekend, so you won't hear back from me until next week.

but i promise i'm back.

all of that long-windedness up there was basically to say.....i have LOTS of things to share with y'all that you've missed. the babies birthday parties, trip to disneyworld, kenz's wedding, our engagement party, wedding showers, mitchell's wedding, pics from our wedding weekend, christmas, the cotton bowl, living in new orleans, being married, painting new orleans, the saints...and many more.

i add to that list all the time. those are just the events. i didn't even mention all my new favorite places and things!

i'll get to them eventually, but tonight as i was drinking a mug of decaf coffee....i felt compelled to write about my cup of coffee. so much so that i am postponing all of those big events to tell you about it.

one of our favorite wedding presents was a coffee maker. not just any coffee maker.

it's the keurig.

it's amazing.

it will change your life.

you see. you fill up that resevoir on the left. you pop in one of those pods. you put a mug under (don't forget this part...i have), you push a button and your drinking coffee less than a minute later. there are so many flavors or you can get a reusable pod and put your own in it. it's great if one of you likes flavored coffee and the other doesn't. or if someone wants tea. it does that too. and hot chocolate.

heath sometimes has to get up at 5. he can have his coffee then and i can have mine at a normal hour.

did i mention to clean up you just remove the pod and throw it away? no filter. no coffee smell in the trash. no coffee grinds on the floor from them falling out of the filter. (btw...is it coffee grinds or coffee grounds?)

we leave ours plugged in and ready to go. i'm guessing that's not good for the environment, but i don't have a dishwasher....so, they can get over it. i think it balances out.

go out today and buy a keurig. just trust me on this one.

thank you for being patient with me.


em g ferguson


my last name is ferguson

we did it!

we are married!!

on december 19th i married my best friend. i can't even begin to tell you how amazing of a man heath is b/c every new day i discover something new about him that makes me love him even more. i love our nightly devotions together. praying with and for each other. knowing that i have someone who cares for my heart more than i do! it's amazing!

i promise to put some more pictures up of all the events. i'm trying to figure out the jigsaw puzzle that is our apartment. getting a 3 bedroom house to fit into a 2 bedroom apt. with the addition of wedding presents is quite a task....but i'm almost done!

until then...
here are some pictures to hold you over.

love y'all!!

emily ferguson