the next batch...

on july 2, 2001, alex was born. on july 1, 2002, his sisters annie and emily were born. i'm just going to apologize now...you're about to see alot of pictures b/c i couldn't decide which ones to put up. emily is the one on the left and annie on the right.

sweet annie and emily are best friends, but couldn't be more different. emily likes things very neat and tidy. she would be extremely upset if she didn't make her bed up before she went to school. she loves organizing things. she also says she is going to move to new york when she is 10.
she is in the picture with the curly red hair.
annie isn't so much messy, but cleaning isn't her favorite thing. she adores animals, and would love to get in the mud with them! she is on the right with the bright blue eyes and brown hair.

they are so sweet, and love to color...anything. the day before their little sister's first birthday they came across a blue sharpie during naptime. my sister was on the phone when they came out from naptime. they were covered head to toe in blue. she told the person on the phone that they were blue. that person wisely said, "i wonder what else is blue." everything. walls, carpet, dolls, their baby sister. molly, their sister had been asleep in her crib. they climbed over and decorated her for her birthday party. molly's eyes were closed, so they drew lines on them. when molly opened her eyes it looked like she had fake blue eyelashes.

there are pictures of annie with short hair. last year she decided to give herself a haircut. her mama asked her why she cut her hair. she told her, "i looked in the mirror and it said 'boring.'" apparently she had seen some commercial that inspired her. she still rocked the short do!
next year they will be starting kindergarten. right now emily is trying to decide if she should go by emily or mimi...her self-given nickname. mimi totally fits her. i know that it seems impossible for me to have this many cute nieces and nephews, but i do! and there are two more to introduce!

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