text messages

this is why i love my friends....

because they take pictures of themselves while driving and message them to me with "miss y'all already" as the subject.

speaking of driving and taking pictures.

one of these days i'm going to figure out how to get vhs videos on to a computer, so i can show y'all the meatloaf music video hallie and newman filmed while driving my car.
that is when i knew we would be bff.


my sweet grandfather

i've told y'all about my cute grandfather, "grandaddy wardlaw," in this post.

this past weekend he had a really bad fall and had a brain hemorrhage. he used to walk 2 miles a day...every single day. he also ate an apple a day...core and all. he walked those two miles up until a couple of months ago. he is 91.

my sister, her youngest and i went up to memphis on saturday, so we could spend some time with him.

even in a hospital bed he is the cutest thing.

he has moved to a rehab place and is doing much better than we originally though!

thank y'all for the prayers!

want to hear a cute story?

we got to memphis on saturday and went straight to the hospital to see my grandfather. my mom was telling molly what my grandfather had eaten for lunch....tomato soup and apple juice.
after we left we ran by target. sweet molly asked her mama if we could get some apple juice, so she could share some with grandaddy wardlaw.

she wanted to have an apple juice party with him. the juicy juice in the picture would be from their party. he loved the apple juice!!


a dear friend

i don't think there is a memory i have of my freshman year in college without patrick ross and eric eaton in them. the three of us did everything together.

that year for fall break i flew out to san diego to see my sister for the weekend. patrick and eric actually wrote me letters for the plane ride b/c they were scared i would get bored without them.
once when i was sick i was laying in bed and heard the door open. i thought that either someone was breaking in, or someone was coming over to just hang out. my house was kind of a free-for-all for anyone who wanted to come over. i called out and got no response, so i decided it was a robber. i didn't really care b/c i felt so bad. after awhile eric and patrick came in my room with chicken soup. i'm pretty sure it was homemade too. i can't tell you how many stories like these that i have.

i bet you are wondering why i'm taking this walk down memory lane. may 5, 2004, our sweet friend, patrick, died in a car accident. everything about that day is so vivid....it seems like it was just yesterday.

i'm not writing this to make y'all sad. i've actually been laughing to myself remembering all the things we did together. i can smile because i know that patrick loved God. it was evident in everything he did. i use this day as a reminder of how short life is. a reminder to ask myself what kind of legacy i am leaving. it also reminds me to be thankful for my dear friends and all the memories we have together.

i hope y'all know that i'm thankful for you. all of you.

patrick used to give the best bear hugs. hands down the best. if he didn't give a bear hug he would put his arm around you and grab onto the seam on the shoulder. he would cup his hand under the seam and squeeze tight. i always thought that was so strange, but he said it was his way of giving a sideways bear hug.

all that to say

don't let an opportuntity pass you by to give your friends and family a great big bear hug.

this picture is from our trip to madison, GA (patrick's hometown). we went to see the ole miss/georgia game. patrick's sweet family took us in for the weekend. he has the greatest family ever and i'm so thankful that i can keep up with them still.
left to right is luke, carol anne, patrick, me, amanda and eric.
i love these people!

(eric...that first song is for you. i tried to find cabin fever, but it wasn't on there...i can't imagine why!)