there's a reason they don't let girls play football...

it's about an hour from my draft. what in the world am i doing having a fantasy football team??
i've asked myself that same question for the past week.
my old boss invites me to have a bracket in march every year. the past two years i've actually done it and done relatively well...for a girl.
this year he said i was ready to join their fantasy football league. i thought...well, i like football better than basketball...why not?
ummm....TOTALLY different.
i pretty much equate it to a 90 year old trying to figure out facebook.

i've been trying to read up on all the rankings and projections, but pretty much stop in amazement that guys just know all this stuff off the top of their head. did you know that there is a guy out there that you can pay $699 to have on the phone with you while you pick your players during your draft. seriously?? maybe i can get really good at all this and take that job.

don't get me wrong...i love football. i've always checked up on all the scores, but don't have the place in my brain where all those other numbers can fit in. i pretty much stop at who won the game, but guys know the rushing/passing/receiving stats easily. i'm pretty sure any guy could ramble off ladainian tomlinson's rushing yards in a heartbeat. i'm doing well knowing which team he plays for and that he's a running back. i think the part of my brain that would hold all this information is occupied with useless song lyrics, and i'm sort of ok with that.

i have some favorite teams, but i'm such a girl about it. i can't make up my mind which one is my favorite.
i love the bears. not really sure why. i love chicago and have always wanted to go to wrigley. i guess i just thought if i went to wrigley i should go to soldier field too.
i also love the saints. they're the closest jackson has to a hometown team. and i would love to see them win a superbowl.
i also love the vikings...b/c thom loves them. every year. even when they aren't so good...he is faithful. once he broke a phone b/c clint and my dad kept calling him mocking the vikings. he doesn't like people making fun of them.
i like the giants. i went to school with eli, so i think it's sort of required. and if you like them you have to root for the colts every now and then.
the falcons, green bay and redskins are a little bit lower, but i still like them.
i took some art classes at ole miss with belton johnson. he played at ole miss then the bengals, but now he plays for the cfl...the canadian football league. i try to keep up with him as well. he plays for the saskatchewan roughriders...let's be honest...that's just fun to say. maybe they will be my favorite team.
even if one of my favorites is on i still feel sorry when they show the losing team. they just look so sad.
i'm pretty sure that any guy would freak out if they read this post and my brothers would probably disown me, but again i think i'm ok with it.

i'll let y'all know how all this goes. i'm predicting that i will not do well, but hey...at least i'll finish. maybe.
i'm off to my draft...


Reed Hogan said...


The SAINTS - thats all you need to know. I will be glad to be your "guy" on draft day; and I'll even do it for $100 less - how could you say no to that? Just for some free advice though...if you are ever in doubt, you are always safe going with the BLACK AND GOLD!
We love getting your sweet comments on our blog. Can't wait for you to get up to the Big D to visit...


The Crazy O'Reillys said...

ladaini-who? you're such a show-off! lol. at least you have me to make yourself feel better! especially since i consider tailgating a sport! =)

em g said...

i know...
i throw around his name so people will think i somewhat know what i'm talking about.
you know me too well.

p.s. don't tell michael about your comment...he plays for the chargers.

cassie said...

Marcus Johnson, Belton's brother, went to Ole Miss and plays for the Vikings now. He is Jerry's client, so we are HUGE Viking's fans. Manny's flag football team last year was the Vikings!

You sure do sound cool talking about football. I have learned that as long as you sound good talking about something, no one will know how little you actually know!!!

Miss you and love the blog!