the cutest girls in texas

i'm back from texas. my mom and i got in late last night after a very long drive through the horrible rain. our trip was so much fun! the girls have gotten so big! we helped thom and katy pick out some curtains for their new house. the house looks awesome!!
here are some pictures from the trip. they are so precious! annabel loves her sister and calls her "sister friend"... i wanted to put them in my bags and bring them back to mississippi! cailin is doing cheerleading, loves drawing and doesn't start school til sept. 2nd!


elizabeth said...

Wow..they have gotten big!..and they're beautiful girls! I know y'all had a fun time!
"my friend Liz"

anniebarnes said...

man, that little one is an exact replica of you, emg!! she looks JUST like you did back in those days!!! i cant even believe it.

Max the IV said...

Hey!!! I LOVE your blog! Thom's girls are so cute-please tell him hi. I'm going to have to copy some of your "cheap" decorating ideas. I'm so glad to get to keep up with you!