because i love y'all...

happy valentine's day!

i think i told y'all last year how much i love this day. it's true. heath wasn't in the picture last year, and i still loved it! always will!

our weekend was amazing. i'll come back to it once i get our pictures up.

for now i will share with y'all what i look forward to every morning.

my favorite breakfast.

cinnamon oatmeal with strawberries and walnuts.

i have a secret though and since it's valentine's day and i love all of y'all....i'll share it with you.

if you get the weight control oatmeal it has the least amount of sugar. here's the secret....make it with 3/4 cup of soymilk. trust me on this! vanilla or very vanilla by soy taste the yummiest.
heath and my brother, thom, are probably the last people that would ever try soymilk.
they both LOVE this oatmeal though.

just a warning though. once you try it this way you will never be able to go back to water or regular milk. you will probably have to have it every morning, but at least it's good for you!

hope y'all had an amazing valentine's!!


and the saints win!!!

i'll come back to the wedding stuff, but i had to talk about the saints!


it was such an amazing game! we went to one of heath's co-workers houses to watch the game with some other of our friends. i was so excited that i completely forgot to take some pictures.
these pictures are from the weekend that my brother, thom, came to new orleans for the NFC championship game. heath was so sweet and let me go to the game with him! it was an awesome game! i've told you about my best friend, caroline. the guy painted up in gold is her husband, reed, aka "goldman."

i've known reed for a while now and he is an amazing father and husband! i'm so thankful when my best friends have awesome husbands! he is a doctor in dallas and after his God, wife and children...the saints are his true love!

here is an article about him.
i'm sure you've seen him on tv.

i am so excited for the saints and for reed, but definitely more excited for the city. this is going to be so great for new orleans, and i'm so excited to be living here during all this excitement!


btw...isn't my husband a cutie?


decisions, decisions

i'm going to try to post some pictures of how i came to some of the decisions we made about our wedding....let's be honest....decisions i made.

i didn't want to post them before the wedding because i didn't know which decisions would stick and which i would change at the last minute. so here goes...

my sister and i live for parties. we love decorating and going all out.

i figured a long time ago that your own wedding is like the ultimate party because it's all about you and your spouse. you get to make all the decisions.

it's so funny how we dream about our weddings and have it all planned out, but when the time comes....our decisions are different than we thought they would be.

i started collecting pictures a long time ago of things that i liked. i knew i wanted to get married at the beach. i think everyone knew this about me because i've been saying that since i was in the sixth grade. the wedding wouldn't be on the beach...just at the beach...the seaside chapel to be exact. i wanted my bridesmaids to wear whatever white outfit they wanted. the groom/groomsmen would wear white shirts and khaki pants. my dad was so excited about all of this because he could wear tennis shoes.
the rehearsal dinner would be at either the red bar or stinky's (my dad's favorite restaurant down there)

getting married in december wasn't really conducive to a beach wedding. it would have been difficult for our family and friends as well.
so we decided on jackson.

i decided on the yacht club because we could have our pictures in front of the boats and feel like we were at the beach.

the yacht club was awesome!
the only part that i didn't like was having our reception split. they have an upstairs and a downstairs. it's perfect in the summer b/c there is a natural flow, but the winter is a little bit more difficult. i knew this going in, but we decided on it anyway. i'm so happy we did!

just look at this view!
that was taken the night of our wedding by my cousin. the Lord gave us a perfect day!!

so here is decision #1...our reception location


my new favorite thing

granted i have only used it one day, but i'm really excited about my new discovery.

bounce dryer bars

you stick the bar in your dryer and it is supposed to last for 2 months. you don't have to remember to put a dryer sheet in and you don't have dryer sheets all over your house when your laundry is done.

this is such a great idea, that even if it has problems i am sure that they will be fixed and improved.

i have seen the future and it smells good!