i have decided that this whole blogging thing can really be to my advantage. i'm not really sure who all reads this, but i know that some people do. i am trying to get back into painting, but some days just don't want to do it.

there is a collective art show in october at hal & mal's that i have agreed to participate in...if i have two paintings that i want to hang by then.
we'll see how this goes. in the beginning of the summer my mom let me take a lesson on oils from bill wilson. he is amazing and i learned so much. here is the piece that i did with him, but is not finished yet. hopefully i will finish it soon and post it for y'all. this is my first oil and first portrait...i'm not sure if i could recreate it without him! it is of one of my precious little girls from peru. the picture doesn't capture just how adorable she is!! so, i have decided that y'all get to be my motivation...aren't you so excited.

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Anonymous said...

ok. so, let's be honest...what are you going to do when you grow up? you would be crazy to not be pursuing using the unbelievable gifts God has given you. the painting is AWESOME! i cant wait to see more. even better-i cant wait for you to paint my girls! heehee. i love you! caroline hogan