3 quarters of a year

mg turned 9 months.  i'm still in denial. 
i'm going to have to apologize to him later for dropping the ball on the cute month-by-month pictures.  i always forgot! 
plus when you move in the middle of that & sell a house the monday before you move & go to the beach for a week right before all that....your mind sort of loses it!

here is an update on mg.  this is more for my sake later, so bear with me. 

he was
21 lbs.
28 in.

he loves his food, but the boy still gets giddy about his baba.

his vocabulary has grown
his order of words.....

yaya (what we call my nephew)
hey daddy
alligator (i know...we were scratching our heads on that one too!  he said it twice with multiple people in the room)
i didn't do it (wonder who he heard that from!)
i lub you
baba  (that's the first one that we think he knows what he's saying...he will say it when he gets hungry)

he hasn't "officially" crawled yet, but can get wherever he wants to go.  he has done a somersault, but no official crawling.  he can go from laying to sitting by himself & he will get in his linebacker pose and walk his feet up.  he isn't sure where to go from there. 

he still sleeps about 10+ hours a night. 

he loves the bath & swimming.  he loves to laugh.  he's ticklish everywhere.  he likes to get other people to laugh.  he thought it was hysterical when i would swing my ponytail, so if someone comes in he will bob his head back and forth til the person laughs.  he also likes to sing....just lala lalas, but it's so cute!

he sleeps with his stuffed dragon & sort of can't go to bed without him. 

that's all i can think of right now, but i'll put some more later

he is the snuggliest, sweetest boy i could ever ask for! 

i'm so blessed that the Lord saw fit to bring this family together.  

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