random things

there is a popular thing going around facebook these days. people tag other people and they list 25 random things about themselves.
i did this on facebook, but after i posted it i thought my list was pretty lame. sure there were some good ones on there, but i decided to do another one here.

so here are 25 random things about me:

1. i once locked the keys in the car with the car running

2. i like to wear flowers in my hair. any occasion.

3. speaking of hair. i've never had mine past my shoulders. the doctor said it gave me headaches when i was little because there was so much of it.

4. i thought my dolls came to life when i was little. now that you know that you can understand why i did not take it well when my brothers hung them from a tree in a front yard and put a spotlight on them....as a halloween decoration.

5. i hit my brother on the back with a hammer once. i'm sorry thom.

6. my brother "accidently" followed through too much with a swing and hit me in the face with a wiffel ball bat stuffed with newspaper and wrapped with duck tape. it broke my sinuses.

7. just counting my parents, my siblings, their kids and myself....there are 18 people in my family.

8. i sat right behind heath ledger on a flight once. i didn't realize it was him til we were getting off the plane. he is a fast walker, but i kept up with him and we were the only two people in the baggage claim. we were able to talk for a while. i'm glad that i somewhat stalked him to talk to him.

9. certain fabrics givv me the heebie-jeebies. courduroy, velvet, velour, car carpet, some rugs. i don't know why but thom is the same way.

10. whistling drives me crazy.

11. my mom told me she would pay me 5 cents for every magnolia leaf i picked up in the front yard. i wasn't smart enough to think that if i filled one bag up with 200 leaves, that the next bag would probably be that. if i miscounted i would pour them out and start over. i picked up 2800 leaves to make $140. i spent all the money on buying more american girl accessories.

12. i've always wished that i could go on let's make a deal where they go through the audience and ask them to pull out random things from their purse. i would rock that game!

13. in college a group of us arranged our schedules around "the price is right" and we would meet in the union to watch it together.

14. people have always felt the need to wear costumes to my house. i'm not sure why, but i love it.

15. there are certain songs that chi o has ruined for me. material girl, everlasting love, abc, one way or another, carolina in my mind & proud mary to name a few. i can't hear them without hearing the chi o version for rush.

16. i've always wanted someone to follow me around with a boombox and play a soundtrack for my life.....except i wouldn't want to hear scary music.

17. the first time i went to the zoo was when i was 24.

18. i once ate a whole bottle of flintstone vitamins. i thought they were supposed to be good for me!

19. clint babysat us once when he was in college. as my parets were driving out of the driveway he told us to write down 3 things we've always wanted to do that our mom never let us do. drinking a second glass of milk before i finished my veggies was on my list.

20. my sister and i can have a whole conversation without saying a word.

21. i believed there were purple polka-dotted cows in hawaii until an embarassing age...like 12 or something. clint would be the mastermind behind that one.

22. in the past i have been known to not wear sunscreen. ever. even when i would live at the beach. i do now.

23. i drove 8 hours to the beach. layed out for 7 hours. drove 8 hours back that night. total trip time: 23 hours. best trip ever!

24. i'm not a fan when people don't use possessive pronouns. for some reason it always happens when people are talking about their parents....they'll say, "dad is going to the doctor." .....but he's not my dad.

25. i have had a full leg cast....twice. from thigh to ankle...and it wasn't the kind you can remove.


The Crazy O'Reillys said...

4. that's b/c when we were little, mama would read us that story "when the dolls came alive." it was my favorite story!
7. if you count jeane's kids and gibby's kids, that's an additional 10 people w/ 1 more on the way - grand total of 29!
16. me too. i even know my theme songs.
17. i'm glad i guilted you into that one by accompanying the kids and me. =)
19. really?!?? what were your other 2 things?

cassie said...

I cannot possibly believe that you never went to the zoo until you were 24! Did you never have a school field trip to the zoo? I feel like I have been on so many fiedl trips with Manny that I could give zoo tours! I think you need to call FPDS and let them know that all the kids are getting jipped!

anniem said...

emg- here are a few thoughts:
1. this post is hilarious...i LOVE it!
2. chi-os also ruined "girls just wanna have fun"- i think every skit/ performance for 4 years was to that song...
3. price is right...or BOB101 i think it was. those are good memories. actually GREAT memories. i vividly remembering nathan bumming an apple juice every day off my student union "credit card" and gray complaining about some business homework.
4. i have to comment on the sunscreen thing...not only did you NOT wear sunscreen,but instead, you wore BABY OIL!!! what were you thinking?
5. i was really jealous of your 23 hour trip to the beach. dont know why i couldnt go, but i wanted to.

this makes me miss you...and the glory days :)