everybody loves mamaw...

all of the kids call my mom mamaw. she is universally adored...but especially by her grandbabies. she doesn't meet a stranger and she will tell anyone she meets that she prayed for 7 years (or maybe more) for grandchildren and then had 5 in one year. if you have something you need some prayers for...just tell my mom.

all of the kids love going to mamaw's house b/c she will let them pull out every single toy in the house. you see...my mom saves everything. i think anyone who grew up with me in high school can vouch for me on this. a couple of months ago we found a box of jello in her pantry that was so old FDA hadn't started regulating expiration dates yet. we probably could have sold it on ebay. that box has probably been moved to different houses 5 times. we have always made fun of my mom (in a loving way) for saving everything. one time we were looking for something in the attic and came across a box that said "doll parts." of course we had to pull it out. the box had doll heads, arms, legs, torsos...but none of them were a match. she saved them just in case we came across headless and armless dolls....just in case.

these past few years have been so fun for my mom b/c all of her grandbabies don't know that the toys they are playing with are 36 years old. they love them!! they all work great and they are probably the only kids that have them!

i have been taking care of my dad for a few weekends, this past one included. clint, brooke and jack came over this weekend and stayed at my mom's. after i fixed my dad's dinner last night i went over to my mom's for just a couple of hours to have family fun time. these are some of my favorite times. usually all the kids are playing with all the old toys while we sit at the kitchen table playing some sort of game. last night we played boure. if you've never played it...look up the directions and play...it's so much fun! it's sort of like bridge and poker rolled into one, but you can play with a lot of people. if you "boure" it's not a good thing...i boured so much that they started calling me boure. but i still had fun!! if you don't have family fun nights with board games...start. i guess that's my public service announcement for the week.

i have the greatest mom ever! here she is with all her grandbabies! one of the greatest things i love about her is that she loves everybody the same...not one person gets special treatment...everyone gets special treatment!!

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