all my christmas orders are done, presents are wrapped and bags are packed!

nette and i grew up living in the same room from the time i was born til her senior year of high school. we each had twin beds and every christmas eve we would push them together or sleep in each other's bed. we don't have twin beds anymore and we don't share a room, but every christmas eve i go over to their house to spend the night.

i'll stay there tonight. we will wake up and see what santa brought. have christmas breakfast in our pajamas with mamaw then load up the car and head to birmingham! clint & brooke get jack the day after christmas, so we wanted to go celebrate with them!

i'll be in birmingham til next tuesday....then it's off to the BEACH!!!!! that absolutely deserves all caps!

a group of friends from college are going down to seagrove to ring in the new year!

my dad wants me to stay down there a couple extra days, so i'm not really sure when i will be home next. i'll have lots of pictures to share when i get home!

but for now....i hope y'all have a wonderful christmas and new years!!!

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