i wish i hadn't graduated to the adult table!

i felt like my sister's thanksgiving decorations and crafts deserved their own post.
she already wrote about it on her blog, but she's too humble....so i'm going to show you some pics.

i just don't understand how she finds the time to do all this.

did i mention that she has 4 children within 2.5 years of each other? don't worry i have close-ups of all the crafts...

individual hats for each child

turkey cupcakes

thom turkey (you know i can't spell it tom!) made out of a cantelope and a pear. the tail feathers were grapes and cheese, which the kids loved! if you are amazed like me then you will be even more amazed to know that there were MORE crafts! go to her blog and you can see the turkeys the kids glittered. i know you're thinking that she is the coolest person around...and she's MY sister!! how did i get so lucky?

here are some cute pictures of the kids getting ready for the big lunch! they love going to mamaw's house!!

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Anonymous said...

and 4.your sister is AMAZING! i really think she has little elves that come out at night to help her