santa!! i know him!!

"smiling! smiling's my favorite!"

yes, ELF is probably one of my favorite movies ever. if you don't think it's funny or at least crack a smile then i don't know how it is possible that we are friends.

that's not even what this post is all about. sorry.

this post is all about the kids going to see santa! we had a big plan to take them to see santa on friday. we were worried about the crazy shoppers at the mall, so we took them that night. we didn't have to wait that long...probably because no one in their right mind would take their child to see santa at the mall the day after thanksgiving.

i rode with nette's crew to the mall, and my mom and alex rode with clint's crew. i doubt clint's car listened to the "techno hampster" car on the way there....but ours DID!!! i thought i would share it with y'all...i know...how did you get this lucky? if you look closely (sorry about the lighting) you can see molly and emily doing their dance of choice...cat eyes.

annie fell on the way into the car, so she didn't feel like dancing.....but the "techno hampster" song will cure any ailment and make you want to dance.

we got to the mall and realized we had to get three pictures.

1. group photo with all 5 kids

2. group photo with nette's kids

3. group photo of clint, brooke & jack

they took the pictures rather quickly, but santa's elves forgot to adjust the camera to get that many people in the shot.

so...they had to take the 3 pictures over again.

we were so excited and i had my photo op with the kids while we were waiting for my mom and clint to sort out which ones to order.

it took a while, so we entertained the kids by making them make silly faces:

apparently santa's elves weren't really paying attention and put the first batch of pictures on the disk. we didn't realize this til we got home, so sweet uncle clint had to go back to the mall to fix the problem. santa said the elves were new this year.

here are the pictures with santa:




i think jackson has the best santa ever!

"buddy the elf, what's your favorite color!!"

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