hallie's visit...

i took a week hiatus from the blog this past week because......


(i know...all caps!) she is back from africa and came for a visit! she called me back around thanksgiving and told me she could only come during the week because she had something every weekend. good thing i paint from home!

she came last monday and was going to leave on thursday, but got snowed in. she decided that mississippians driving in ice/snow was too dangerous, so she left on friday. we made a list of people to see and things to do, and pretty much accomplished everything on our list!

we had the greatest time and got to see cute, pregnant helen a couple of times. helen had us over for dinner one night and carter, kate and jmay stopped by for a little while. we looked at pictures from college that helen had, and laughed at our outfits. i mean...we haven't been out of school that long, but we definitely made some bad decisions with our outfits. sequin tops were number one on that list. those pictures you will not be seeing.

cute helen....you can barely tell she is pregnant from this picture

we surprised helen with some cupcakes, so we could celebrate her birthday early!

the next morning hallie went with me to alex's gingerbread play. stephen wanted us to meet him for breakfast, so we met him before the play. the play was hilarious. the kids had a "free style" portion of the play. alex totally rocked it....

side note...molly doesn't like looking at the camera any more because she doesn't like the flash, so she smiles and looks to the side.

another stop we made was to the sorgenfrei house to see sweet baby shelby! shelby is the sweetest baby ever. i was nice and let hallie hold her some...only because she lives in atlanta.

shelby was asleep when we got there, but that didn't stop us from holding her! she is such a love!!

brian talking to shelby while she was waking up. he and liza are such great parents!! brian has come a long way from when alex was a baby...he wouldn't hold him til he was at least crawling!

shelby has the greatest hair on any baby i've ever seen!

on thursday night we had the brilliant idea to go see a movie. the only one that was out that we had heard about was twilight. neither of us have read the books, but wanted to figure out why everyone is obsessed with them. we now know. it was a great movie and i might have to borrow someone's books. after the movie we decided to take a trip to canton to see the lights. if you haven't been to canton at christmas....you should go. they go all out. pretty much anything with lights is put out. we decided to pose by some of our favorites.

hallie is going skiing in january, so she had to get ready for the slopes.

the bears playing instruments were a definite favorite

it was really cold, so we just took the picture of the christmas tree from our car.

this past week was such a great one! i am so blessed with the friends i have and love y'all so much!!

now i'm off to put together my outfit for our supper club tacky christmas party tonight!

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