two is better than one.

i talked to ridg tonight and it was so good for my soul!! she already spilled it on her blog, so i feel like i can post it here.....she is pregnant with her 3rd baby! she has dendy who just turned 2 and millie will turn 1 in a couple of days. they live in dallas...away from family, so pray for this sweet little family!!

(p.s. melissa caroline: when you come in town in december can we get a recent photo made? i mean really...how old is this picture!)

while i was talking to caroline she told me it was about time i update my blog. i totally agreed and informed her that it would happen tonight.

i finally uploaded some pictures from our "dueling" thanksgiving.

pretty much every year we have dueling stuffings because my mom makes the kind that we have always grown up with, and gibby makes the stuffing that he has always made. his has meat in it. hers doesn't. we always joke about the competition.

after i got my plate this year i looked at it and realized that it was out of control this year. it wasn't planned, but it just sort of happened this way....

we had:

2 different turkeys
2 different stuffings
2 different green bean casseroles
mashed potatoes
sweet potatoes
2 different pecan pies
frozen green salad (which i bring every year)
frozen cranberry salad

we also had little chess pies, pumpkin pie and some steamed veggies.

pretty much the only thing that we all agree on is sister shubert. granted some of these variations were to avoid food allergies and i just like to be dramatic. we aren't as high maintenance as our menu sounds.

we had a great lunch with the family, a football game in the front yard and many family game nights! it was a great holiday, but we still missed thom's clan!

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Anonymous said...

WOW- 1.Thanksgiving looks delicious 2.that picture of us is pretty bad, but i still love you! thanks for your kind words. i miss and love you like crazy 3.thanks for updating your blog. heehee