i know jackson is getting cool these days, but i hope that this fashion trend never comes here...

these are "harem" pants from the versace spring 2009 collection

i just don't get it. i know it's not their first appearance in fashion and they have been popular in europe for a year or so, but please don't come to mississippi.

these, i can only guess, are male harem pants.
i'm not big on fashion, so maybe i'm way off base here.


derek and brittney said...

Ok...this has nothing to do with your post, but are you have a centipede infestation at your house?? I don't know if i can take it much longer!!!!! I am just hoping I am not the only one in the 'hood having this problem!

Christi said...

Hey Emily! I JUST saw your post on my blog that you left like 2 weeks ago. I hardly ever get on there anymore. I need to do better! Anyway, yes, it is a Shoemaker home, but no it's not in Gluckstadt. I'm in Farmington Station off Old Fannin. Also, reading Brittney's post above...I have a centipede infestation, too!! Hope you're doing well and you have a GREAT Christmas!