i decided to make my own christmas cards this year, and had a brilliant idea to save them in picture format and just get them printed.

i'm working on a lot of orders right now, so i didn't think i would have the time to address them all.


sending that many letters can get expensive. especially when i think that everyone is my best friend and needs a christmas card from me.


i emailed them this year.

don't be offended if you are one of my best friends and you weren't on the list. i got frustrated trying to find everyone's email, so i just hit send. i decided i could post it here instead.

in case you are wondering. i do realize that my nieces and nephews aren't my real children, but i love them like they are my own!

plus sending a solo pic of me just doesn't say merry christmas! although it would be funny!

i hope everyone has a wonderful and merry christmas!

i love y'all!

(you can click on the picture to make it larger)

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Max the IV said...

Emily! I love your Christmas card! Those nieces and nephews are just precious. The next time I'm in Jxn, we MUST have lunch-although, I have no idea when that will be...maybe soon. Jeannie