i have cool friends: part 2

i thought that i would tell y'all about my cool friends that work with RUF (reformed university fellowship). it is a ministry of the PCA church to college students. i have been putting this off for a while trying to gather info on everyone, and decided that i would just dedicate this post to erin newman. you got it newman...a whole post just for you!!

newman is the intern program assisstant. (newman, aren't you impressed i knew the title!)

colleges that have an RUF program have campus ministers. some campus ministers are able to have interns...after they have flown solo for a while. newman is in charge of the interns. there are a lot of them. i try to help out by sending her funny emails every monday morning to cheer her up...we all have to do our part!

i'm lucky though because newman is one of my best friends. we first met our freshman year of college, but didn't become BFF til sophomore year. she is always giving people her time, and would do anything for anybody! i personally think she has the greatest prayers of anyone i know. the Lord has completely blessed me with friendships like this one. newman is amazing and everyone should want to be her best friend! please pray for the work that she does and for the ministry of RUF.

...excuse hallie's dad in this picture...he just wanted to make sure elvis got in the picture with us.

if you're sitting there thinking...where have i seen that face before...

the USA Today put this picture on the front page the weekend of the presidential debate in oxford! yeah, she's famous.

more installments of "i have cool friends" to come...

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