thanksgiving #3

i've established the fact that my mom's thanksgiving really equaled two, so going to my dad's for thanksgiving would technically be our third.

in the past we always had lunch at my mom's and then went to my dad's that night for turkey sandwiches while we watched the egg bowl. a couple of years ago the powers that be ruined our tradition by moving the game to friday. i guess it is a good thing that the players can eat with their families now.

this year my dad threw us all for a loop when he hosted an iron bowl party. what?? my sister and i still cheer for ole miss, but the guys have abandoned state and are now alabama fans.

that's fine.

my dad's specialty is ribs. if you have never had my dad's ribs then i feel sorry for you! and i'm even allergic to them! he said that is his new tradition...a rib thanksgiving. jeane (my dad's wife) made her oyster stuffing to bring our total to 3 different stuffings for the holiday.

as i sat at my dad's i thought back to last year's thanksgiving at my dad's. it is amazing how everything has changed in one year. i think everyone in our family thought that last year would be the last holidays we would spend with my dad. the Lord so graciously provided for our family and we are so thankful that Clint was willing to give his kidney to my dad. there were so many times that i doubted whether or not the surgeries would be successful or even happen b/c everything had to happen so perfectly. it still amazes me to this day that everything happened more perfectly than we could have even prayed for! the Lord is so good to us and we are so blessed!

and the boys get to have many more thanksgivings where their grandaddy can teach them cool things like....

pretending your finger has been cut in half:

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