my new favorite thing

granted i have only used it one day, but i'm really excited about my new discovery.

bounce dryer bars

you stick the bar in your dryer and it is supposed to last for 2 months. you don't have to remember to put a dryer sheet in and you don't have dryer sheets all over your house when your laundry is done.

this is such a great idea, that even if it has problems i am sure that they will be fixed and improved.

i have seen the future and it smells good!


Caroline said...

i've been wondering about these. i've seen them, but i havent been daring enough to try one. do your clothes smell good??? let me know....ridg

em g said...

they're amazing! i read somewhere where some have broken off in the dryer and stuff, but ours is fine. i've done about 10 loads with it and it smells great!
i got the 2 month one, and i put it close to a ridge in the dryer where it is a little bit protected. not sure if that helps.
love you!