what are you doing in november??

november 12th we will be having a party in a waiting room somewhere in nola as we welcome our FIRST CHILD!!

you heard it! the estimated due date is nov. 12th, but i'll find out more later.

this was a surprise to us, but we also knew it was a possibility considering i'm allergic to birth control.

we are beyond thrilled!! if you know me at all you know how much i love children!
to think that the Lord saw fit that we should be parents completely humbles us! we have already started praying for this sweet child and ask y'all to join us.

i know that a lot of people wait a few weeks til they announce. well....i was never good at holding things in! my sister told me that you live as if you are going to have the healthiest baby & if something else happens....then you deal with it. i'm not going to worry about that right now.
if something were to happen then i know the Lord is still in control & i would want my friends to know then too.

this way y'all can all be praying for sweet little ferguson, who is the size of an orange seed right now! haha!

love y'all!!


Eric and Amanda said...

Emily, we are so excited for y'all! What wonderful news! Banks will have a new cousin :-)

Mary Beth said...

Hey Emily!!

I am not sure if you remember me (I was a Chi O at ole miss with you) Anyway, I found your blog and just wanted to say congratulations!!

Meredith said...

OH My gosh!!! Em I am soooo excited for y'all!! Can't wait to find out if I am having a little niece or nephew! :) Congratulations!!!!

JNoPie said...

Emily, Congrats! That is such exciting news!