our little jelly bean

this morning was a first for us! we went to oschner here in new orleans to have an ultrasound!
we were able to see our little jelly bean and hear the heartbeat!
they determined that we are about a week behind what we thought we were.
soo....our due date is nov. 20th.
i am about 6.5 weeks pregnant. i can't wait for another 5 weeks, so i can breathe a little easier!
we feel so blessed!
it is amazing that this little dot will grow so much over the next months!
love y'all and thank you for praying for our little family!



lifeinthishome.blogspot.com said...

Yah!!!! :)

Kara'sMommy said...

congrats! on your little jelly bean , my blogs all about my life as a new and also young mommy, you should check it out some time!