lots of changes...

in addition to the new background there is lots of news to share with y'all.

we are officially back in mississippi!! we are so excited! moving while 6 months pregnant is not very exciting though. unpacking and decorating a house is one of my favorite things to do. i can usually have the whole house set up in a day or two. this time it has taken a little bit longer because i am dependent on my sweet husband moving everything for me. once i find the piece of equipment that lets me upload pictures to my computer i will be back in business with the blog.

while you wait for that i will share with you a picture of our sweet baby's crib!
which brings me to the most exciting news...
we found out that we're having a BOY!!
what a sweet and precious time it was having that sonogram and seeing our little boy!
his name will be michael gerald, but he'll go by m.g.
i know you're thinking it.....no, he's not going to be named after me.
heath's grandfather was the most influential man in his life & basically helped raise him. his name was milford gerald, but everyone called him m.g.
we are naming our m.g. after him and the michael comes from my dad.

we are so excited about this little boy & feel blessed that the Lord would give us this special little one!! we hope to raise him to know Christ each and every day of his life.

here is his little crib.
we don't have the paintings up yet, so i'll take more pictures when it's all put together!


mary-kathryn said...

welcome back... literally, to mississippi and to the blogosphere!

Lauren said...

it makes complete sense that the other person that posted a comment is mk! emg ... i am so happy for you!! and i love your blog music. i've just had your blog up while searching the web so i could have some good tunes :) love you!! ... chimi .. that is!