and the saints win!!!

i'll come back to the wedding stuff, but i had to talk about the saints!


it was such an amazing game! we went to one of heath's co-workers houses to watch the game with some other of our friends. i was so excited that i completely forgot to take some pictures.
these pictures are from the weekend that my brother, thom, came to new orleans for the NFC championship game. heath was so sweet and let me go to the game with him! it was an awesome game! i've told you about my best friend, caroline. the guy painted up in gold is her husband, reed, aka "goldman."

i've known reed for a while now and he is an amazing father and husband! i'm so thankful when my best friends have awesome husbands! he is a doctor in dallas and after his God, wife and children...the saints are his true love!

here is an article about him.
i'm sure you've seen him on tv.

i am so excited for the saints and for reed, but definitely more excited for the city. this is going to be so great for new orleans, and i'm so excited to be living here during all this excitement!


btw...isn't my husband a cutie?

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Caroline said...

WHO DAT?!?!?!?!?!?! what can i say???...i LOVE a man in gold body paint! haaaaa.