because i love y'all...

happy valentine's day!

i think i told y'all last year how much i love this day. it's true. heath wasn't in the picture last year, and i still loved it! always will!

our weekend was amazing. i'll come back to it once i get our pictures up.

for now i will share with y'all what i look forward to every morning.

my favorite breakfast.

cinnamon oatmeal with strawberries and walnuts.

i have a secret though and since it's valentine's day and i love all of y'all....i'll share it with you.

if you get the weight control oatmeal it has the least amount of sugar. here's the secret....make it with 3/4 cup of soymilk. trust me on this! vanilla or very vanilla by soy taste the yummiest.
heath and my brother, thom, are probably the last people that would ever try soymilk.
they both LOVE this oatmeal though.

just a warning though. once you try it this way you will never be able to go back to water or regular milk. you will probably have to have it every morning, but at least it's good for you!

hope y'all had an amazing valentine's!!

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