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so you know when you start blogging you kind of start seeing things differently. you can't wait to create a meal that is "blog-worthy" or you find the the greatest new thing on the market and want to share your discovery with others. then there are the events that you want to share with everyone. i find myself taking pictures of everything, so that i can blog about it later.

right about the time that heath & i started dating i got a new computer. i LOVE it! it is an imac. before this computer i had had my previous one for 10 years. it was the greatest computer and still is, but being an artist....a mac is a must. the only problem was that all of my pictures were on my old computer. i slowly transferred all of my info onto my new computer. everytime i was on my computer i was working on organizing and such.

then there was the new boy in my life. i sort of got distracted. then we got engaged. then i sold my house. then i moved all of my belongings except for myself to new orleans. i moved in with my mom and planned our wedding. i really like being organized. i like having a place for everything to go. y'all should know this by now. having my stuff scattered all over the place didn't bode well for my ability to sit down and blog.

so my blog took a huge hit.

but i'm back.

i'll post tonight, but i'm in a wedding this weekend, so you won't hear back from me until next week.

but i promise i'm back.

all of that long-windedness up there was basically to say.....i have LOTS of things to share with y'all that you've missed. the babies birthday parties, trip to disneyworld, kenz's wedding, our engagement party, wedding showers, mitchell's wedding, pics from our wedding weekend, christmas, the cotton bowl, living in new orleans, being married, painting new orleans, the saints...and many more.

i add to that list all the time. those are just the events. i didn't even mention all my new favorite places and things!

i'll get to them eventually, but tonight as i was drinking a mug of decaf coffee....i felt compelled to write about my cup of coffee. so much so that i am postponing all of those big events to tell you about it.

one of our favorite wedding presents was a coffee maker. not just any coffee maker.

it's the keurig.

it's amazing.

it will change your life.

you see. you fill up that resevoir on the left. you pop in one of those pods. you put a mug under (don't forget this part...i have), you push a button and your drinking coffee less than a minute later. there are so many flavors or you can get a reusable pod and put your own in it. it's great if one of you likes flavored coffee and the other doesn't. or if someone wants tea. it does that too. and hot chocolate.

heath sometimes has to get up at 5. he can have his coffee then and i can have mine at a normal hour.

did i mention to clean up you just remove the pod and throw it away? no filter. no coffee smell in the trash. no coffee grinds on the floor from them falling out of the filter. (btw...is it coffee grinds or coffee grounds?)

we leave ours plugged in and ready to go. i'm guessing that's not good for the environment, but i don't have a dishwasher....so, they can get over it. i think it balances out.

go out today and buy a keurig. just trust me on this one.

thank you for being patient with me.


em g ferguson

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mary-kathryn said...

it does make great coffee. they have one where i get my hair cut and i am dying to get one for my house!