in your dreams...

apparently pregnancy gives you the strangest of dreams. i'm not sure if the dreams are different than what i normally have, or if it seems weird now because i can remember them.

these are just a few of the ones i have had:

- heath was the bachelor and gave me the final rose. while on our final date we had a stalker and the restaurant we were in had mice running all over. the stalker kept trying to get him, but he gave me the rose in the end. haha.

- one of my good friends, cassie corless, was kidnapped by dean cain (yes, superman) and i saved her.

- i started selling fruit that i would pick from the trees outside our apartment. helen marshall is one of my best friends. at her wedding about 7 years ago i met her uncle. i've probably run into him two other times in my life. well....he was my main customer. her mom was also a buyer of my fruit as well.

- heath and i went on vacation with one of my childhood best friends and his wife...henry & natalie glover. we went to miami. i've never been to miami in my life. we went to some big show, but had to go to this booth to pick them up. henry & natalie had already gone in. the woman giving us the tickets was jordan walker's mom. jordan grew up with henry & me, but i haven't seen him in ages. jordan's mom told us that jordan was planning on coming to the show with grenades & was going to use them. jordan is the sweetest guy on the planet...married to the sweetest girl & just had a little baby. not sure what that's all about.

- caroline hogan is one of my best friends. we gave a baby shower for her when she was pregnant with her first little girl. one of the presents she got was the largest stuffed elephant i've ever seen. like 4 feet tall. i don't remember much of the dream, but i do remember rocking the elephant to sleep in m.g.'s nursery.

- i caught heath kissing another girl in one of the dreams. his response when i caught him was that i was better & always would be. good to know. haha!

that's all i can remember for right now, but i know there are more of them.
i'm not sure if i want to know an interpretation for any of these!

that is all i can remember right now, but i know there are more of them. the weirdest thing is that it is people i know.

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Caroline said...

i am literally laughing out loud at all of these. and i totally understand. i have CRAZY dreams all the time (ask reed) and it is mulitiplied by a million when i'm preggars. at least you're not having nightmares???..that i know of! xoxo