new art blog

i figured it would be easiest if i had a separate blog for my artwork..."keep it separated" (that line is for you, sissy).
here is the link to the new blog...
i couldn't decide if it should be titled "off the wall" or "on the wall"....let me know what you think.
there are some pictures of some canvases that i did for my nieces in texas. my sister has already put in an order for 3 "magical trees" for her 3 girls.
there are also some previews of the ones i'm doing right now. when they are finished i'll take them outside to photograph, so there won't be a glare. sorry.

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The Crazy O'Reillys said...

LOL - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJQFf0qj9Nk

that song stil rocks! ;)