annoying flies 0...em g 2

so you know how i recently got a new grill for my birthday. let me back up a few months to explain fully why this outdoor grill was a good idea. right before the kidney transplant surgeries clint and gang came to town. i had everyone over to my house for the fourth of july. clint cooked hamburgers on my indoor grill. a grill that is really meant for cooking 2 patties....not 12. the smoke decectors did not go off b/c they were not propery reset from the last time clint grilled in my kitchen.
we opened all the doors to let the smoke out. my dad showed me his method of cleaning the grill...by covering it with aluminum foil and then turning the burners on. maybe this is a common sense thing...again...i'm new to grilling.
there was all sorts of smoke when we did that. ...so again the doors were open.

don't get me wrong...i love when my doors are open. i love when it is cool enough outside to turn off the air and just have the doors open. but i hate flies. hate them.
for some reason gluckstadt has a bijillion flies that take residence in my house when the doors are left open.
i have tried everything possible to get rid of the flies. i heard that you can put a ziploc bag of water by the door and they won't come in the house, but that does nothing for the ones already in my house.

i have managed to kill most of them, but there were two left that would not die. i did some research and found my new best friend.
it's really almost too good to be true. it was about $7, and probably the best seven dollars i've ever spent. you just wave the thing where the fly is and it kills it. i sort of feel bad b/c there is often a spark when it hits.
part of the handle disconnects and you just plug it in to charge it....it's that amazing.

i know...i'm pathetic.


Emily Claire said...

i wish there was some video you could post of you utilizing the fly zapper...

em g said...

that would be hilarious footage. i'm not sure if that would be better than me going crazy with the flies before the bug zapper came into my life. it's a toss-up.

Grace B said...

I need to buy that for my mom. My parent's house has recently been invaded by flies, and we're not sure where they're coming from. They're driving her nuts too. I think this contraption could be her best friend also. ;)

derek and brittney said...

Ok...it has to be a neighborhood thing because we have 8 million flies too! We also have one of those redneck stick tape catchers hanging from the kitchen light fixture:)