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the name, emily guthrie, is strangely common. there is another emily guthrie from jackson. went to FPDS and prep, but is at state now. i used to get her mail all the time. i thought it would stop when she went to state, but then another emily guthrie emerged. she went to auburn with some friends of mine. for the past few weeks i have been getting these forwards from this one email address. i finally asked the person if i knew them, and the guy said that we met in south carolina in august. not me! i was getting the auburn emily guthrie's emails.

it happened again tonight. i got an email saying that the things i had ordered would be delivered to me. it seemed like a legit email, and i was worried that someone had stolen my credit card or something. i responded to the email wondering had been purchased. the girl said that i had been to patty's house on friday and bought some things...again...not me! apparently there is another emily guthrie in new jersey! what in the world?? the girl that sent the email was really nice and works for a christian company sort of like southern living home.

i went to her website to look at the things and there are some cute things on there. i, of course, was drawn to these.

mason jar salt and pepper shakers!

if you know me at all you know that i hate glasses. i hate when they chip and when they get that funky residue from the dishwasher. i drink out of mason jars. they don't chip. they don't have weird residue after the dishwasher. they come in all sorts of sizes and they are so cheap!! you can get a whole set for nothing!
anyway, i've never heard of this company, but they have some cute things.
here is the main page of the website.... at home america.

i promise i'll upload my pictures from oxford soon...it was an entertaining trip!

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katie gnemi said...

That is so funny that you say this about the "other" emily...the teacher that teaches with me knows a emily guthrie and when I talk about you she thinks it's so weird that you are "art-sy" too b/c emily is art-sy too!I think she's the one at MSU...ha