birthday present

anytime my sister has to give someone a present she puts it in a plain white or plain brown bag. she gets the babies to color on the outside of the bag. i think this is the greatest idea.
pretty much everyone knows that i love children and i love art. it makes sense that i would love children's art.
for my birthday this year i asked my sister to get the kids to draw me a big picture that i could hang in my kitchen.
this is hands down the greatest gift i have ever received!
each one drew a part of it and my sister painted it in.
alex drew the monster, bird, grass, caterpillar, butterfly, balloons and birthday cake. he said that the monster wasn't scary because he is smiling. he also said that he knew i was old and wanted to make sure i had enough candles on my cake.
mimi drew the flying belly-button man on the top left and the hearts near him. she demonstrated to me how a flying belly-button man flies.
annie drew the present to the right of the cake, the flowers on the bottom right and the flying people. one of the flying people has red wings and a green skirt!
molly drew the sun, the people in the top corner and the hearts. she wanted my sun to have z's instead of rays. it's a special sun!

i'm the luckiest aunt ever!!

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