birthdays past

who doesn't love old pictures? i found these on my computer and couldn't resist posting them...

i think this was my third birthday. kitty mccarty and drew schimmel were there with nette and thom. not sure where clint was, and yes, kitty is wearing a patch on her eye.

emelie elkin, me, carolyn arnold, kitty and genevieve payne

this was a tea party where we brought our dolls. i know carol anne is in the background. natalie irby, genevieve and pam parkinson are the only other ones i can remember. i'm in the pink and for some reason am wearing two watches.

from the same party, but please notice the blue starcraft van in the background. (sissy...i thought you would appreciate that!). caroline ridgway and lindsey herring are on the right.

this was one of my favorite parties. dress like what you will be when you are 33. my mom had one of her friends dress as a fortune-teller. this was during kitty and jennifer o'neals infamous short hair days.

doing the hokey-pokey. i'm sorry, but could my pants be any higher?

cannada and i playing putt-putt. not sure where everyone else is.

a surprise party my mom threw for me...we were in high school and i was completely surprised. i also was really late to it b/c i didn't understand why cannada wanted to leave so quickly...usually she is late!

in high school my dad would take my friends and i to shapley's for my birthday dinner.

a birthday breakfast party. all my friends who have birthdays in september threw one big party.

shapley's again.

my senior year my dad took cannada and i to new york. we went to a salon and got our hair done...it was so much fun, but i'm pretty sure cannada hasn't had her hair that short since then! nor have i had bangs since then!

my first birthday in college was our first football game in the grove. my mom was a trooper doing the grove every game!

trae, harvey, stephen, newman, me and hallie at a john mayer concert for my 21st birthday.

my dad wanting to relive my high school days...took my friends and i out for dinner in oxford for my 21st birthday. cass...that's you at the end of the table next to my dad....you were wearing that birthday hat in style!

one of my favorite birthdays was right after katrina. i stayed with cannada in oxford b/c jackson was crazy. i woke up and we went to bottletree. then i flew down to the beach where my dad and my sister's family were. i spent my birthday in two of my favorite places...oxford and the beach!

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