my hero

www.datarescue.com is my new hero!

so, i told you that something happened to my camera, my flash drive or my computer which made me lose all of my pictures from texas. i did some research and discovered the greatest website ever....data rescue. they let you run a demo of the program before you buy it to make sure that you can recover your pictures. it recovers pictures or any file on a memory card. the program is only $29 which is the cheapest i could find. some out there were in the hundreds...and they didn't let you test it beforehand! the external memory card reader was $7 from best buy. for a total of $36 i am able to recover precious pictures!
i hope this never happens to anyone, but if it does don't give up hope! it wouldn't work if i had decided to give up and take more pictures on top of my memory card, so just keep that in mind.

i'm the happiest person ever right now, but i am waiting for my registration key from the software....so i guess officially i don't have the photos saved yet.

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