good and bad

good things: recovering precious pictures, two art shows and pieces hanging at smitten

bad things: losing a few pictures, having to buy a new memory card, getting sick and having an eye that would scare small children

it seems that data rescue isn't so much of a hero after all. i can't totally discredit them because they were able to save the majority of my pictures. for some reason my pictures from one day were not recovered. that was our day in dallas with caroline, dendy and millie. i also lost the precious picture of alex surprising cailin at the door when we first arrived in san antonio. i do have pictures from san antonio, but i have to go through them to find my favorites. after i did the recovery program i tried every way possible to clear the memory card and reformat it, but it looks like i'm going to have to invest in a new one. it would make me nervous taking pictures on that thing anyway. those things are expensive, so for now y'all will have to suffer with blurry photographs from my college camera that i keep in my purse.

two of my art shows were this weekend. they both were on friday night, so i tried to split my time. i started feeling sick on thursday night but tried to push through it. i woke up at 4:30 friday morning and felt horrible. i was able to get back to sleep, but didn't realize that i happened to pop a blood vessel in my eye when i was sick. really??
i went to my mom's friday afternoon to finish framing my art. i felt like i had some non-feverish version of the flu. my sweet mom told me to sit because she could tell i wasn't feeling well. i started putting on my make-up and that's when i noticed the white part under my lower eyelid was red. awesome. it was 4 and my art had to be at hal & mal's by 5:30. ever since i had meningitis i've had problems with my eyes. my doctor sent me to see a retina specialist a while back. in his own words....my optic nerve is "special." it's apparently shaped different than all of y'alls. something happened to it when i had meningitis and i have to get it checked out every 6 months or so. if you ever have meningitis...go to the eye doctor afterwards.

i feel like i should say something here. in high school my real eye doctor gave me someone else's perscription and messed up my vision. i took it upon myself to find my own doctor. i decided to go to lenscrafters in the mall....hey, i was in high school! that actually has been the greatest decision ever. i love my eye doctor. her name is dr. patton. she has fixed my vision and brought my perscription back down and she's the one who sent me to the retina specialist.

i really don't know why i'm telling y'all all of this. long story short. i decided that it probably was no big deal, but i should just go get it checked. since they take walk-ins i was in and out by 5. everything is fine with it. it burst when i was sick the night before. i have to wear my glasses and it should go away in 2 weeks. awesome. my sweet mom took my paintings down to hal & mal's for me.

my mom, nette and i had a fun time at the art show. they hung the art from these really cool wagon wheel pieces. my two pieces are in the picture to the left. second wheel from the right. they are both oils. one is of onions and the other is a small peacock. the pieces had to hang the whole night, so they are still for sale if anyone is interested. that show was only a one night thing, but my other two pieces will be hanging at prep until the beginning of november.

also, smitten has 5 of my things hanging in their cute store. they are in ridgeland on jackson street by the railroad tracks. go check them out!

i have another show coming up this weekend at lake caroline. i started feeling a little bit better today, so hopefully i can crank out some pieces before saturday!

here are some pictures of the things hanging at smitten and what i will have this weeekend

next time i'll iron the pillowcase and take them out in the sun! some of these are old stamp designs that i freehanded and altered a little bit. i have over 70 patterns and lots more animals!

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Andy, Katie, and Leighton said...

It was so good to see you too! You are so talented!! I love your art. Too bad I have my house is maxed out with stuff!!