i'm back home from texas and i'm trying to catch up on everything...this blog being one of them.
we had a blast in texas. don't worry i'll tell you all about it as soon as i can get my camera to cooperate. there is something wrong with my memory card, so i'm having to download a photo rescue software to retrieve all my pictures. it's going to be a sad day if that doesn't work and all my pictures are gone for good!

i have a small camera that i keep in my purse all the time, so i have some pictures from the trip on it. it has not suffered the same fate as my big camera.

before i left for texas i went with my family to the gluckstadt german fest. i love fall and the nice, cool weather. i think my sister loves fall even more because of all the festivals. she is a festival junky. i like to celebrate too, but she and her family hit about 3 festivals a week! the gluckstadt fest was fun because it was about a mile from my house. here are some pictures from the day.

i feel like i need to explain the next couple of pictures. while we were sitting there my sister pointed out this college-aged guy wearing a lederhosen and said i should take a picture. i sadly missed the photo-op. mental note: always have my camera ready....especially at festivals! about 15 minutes later he came over to our tent and started talking to us. this was my chance! but i thought it would be really awkward if i just started taking a picture. i put my camera in my lap and non-chalantly tried to take a picture. annie is sort of blocking him in the picture, but i had to show it. he and his friend had a dog that they let the kids pet. i felt like it would be ok to take a picture of the kids petting the dog...but my main focus being the lederhosen.

as soon as he left our tent i spotted another pair of lederhosen. this time on a small child. i held the camera down on this one too because i didn't want to be obvious. if you know either of these people...i apologize for finding humor in their attire. i mean no harm.

we had a great time at the festival. it was a hot day, but thankfully i hadn't taken the tent out of my car from the grove. my awesome brother-in-law went back to my car to get it, so we were able to have some shade! i am not sure if it was legal for us to set it up, but i highly reccommend it if you go!

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