most people do spring cleaning in the spring...most people. i'm either really slow or i'm getting a jump on things by doing it early.
i am possibly getting a roommate in december/january, so i decided it would be nice for two cars to have a place to park in my garage. in order for this to happen i had to go through all the boxes that have been in there since my mom moved from my childhood home. if you wanted to know how my penmanship progressed over the years i had school binders from pretty much every year. i have a box of letters that friends have written me over the years. i couldn't part with this box just yet...the letters are hysterical! and they will be funny, future blog posts! it's funny...there are some things in there that i could have sworn i threw away, but magically my mom rescued them from the trash and boxed them up for me. i really should have taken a before picture of the garage, but i think i would have been too embarassed to post it.
i started cleaning it out last saturday and i still am in the process. i'm not contained to just my garage anymore though. i'm declutterizing the whole house.
i've already taken two car loads to goodwill, and i know that my trash pile was a delight for my neighbors to see.
once i finish with the house i will get back to blogging. i apologize for my slacking. losing my power, headaches from all the dust, painting and taking care of a million things for my dad also contributed to my lack of posting.
i'm hoping that today will be my last day of cleaning, so i should be back to wish you a bootiful halloween!

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