boo-ti-ful day

happy halloween everyone!
here are some pictures of halloween's past....

that is nette in the plastic little orphan annie costume. thom is the clown in the middle and clint is the man with the beard. i'm not sure who he was supposed to be. i am on the far right, wanting to desprately get off the sofa.

obviously the clown costume got a lot of use in our hosue. there are pictures of clint and nette wearing the clown outfit too...i will have to search for them. thom was a space cadet. i'm pretty sure my mom made both of these outfits.

fast forward to high school. this was at cannada's house. i believe that cannada still wears the super woman outfit. in case she tries to deny it that is cassie in the front, but i can't remember what she was supposed to be. alvin? but a dog?
that is carol anne on the far left. she had an old person mask and a cape, so i made her a sign that said "little red riding hood, the later years"

this is a group of us from college. we decided to dress up and go to the corn maze in memphis. brian is in the yellow pants. i believe he was some sort of fast food employee. liza is next to him in black. she was cat woman i believe. sneed in the red did not partake in the dressing up. will todd was michael jordan. torrent in blue and lexie in white in front of him met up with us at dinner...they also didn't partake in the dressing up. miriam was a sonic employee. i am in the back with my classic outfit...partly cloudy with a chance of showers (i carried a water gun). walt jones is in the cap and gown. his outfit changed through the night....sometimes he was the graduate and sometimes he was darth vader. the graduate was more conducive to getting through the maze. josh white is in front of him. he was a ghost...don't worry we made fun of him. hallie was also a sonic employee. and mary john was a ghost with josh. this was one of my favorite nights in college. on the way home we decided to give paul mcleod a visit at graceland too. that in and of itself is an experience.

the next few pictures are of my babies dressed up throughout the years....

just f.y.i. emily is not wearing a wig!

i didn't have a picture of annabel in a costume, but here is a cute one of her at the pumpkin patch!


cassie said...

sadly, I have no clue what I was dressed up as either! Probably something stupid. Fun picture though!!!

Anonymous said...

i think the pictures of my girls and the pictures of your hilarious clown costume are a tie...HAHAHA you know i love you so stinkin much. hope your time with your dad was good yesterday. miss you! caroline hogan

Anonymous said...

i found the photo of me in the clown costume! and you know there's one of clint - it was originally his! post 'em all! lol! (nette)