next in line...

it's been 7 years (in august) since this picture was taken, but that is my brother, thom, and his oldest little girl, cailin. when he brought her out he had a surprise for us...he pulled off the cap and she had red hair!!
my brother and sister-in-law both have brown hair, but my sweet little niece got it from my dad...who had red hair back in his day...promise!

cailin and family moved to san antonio a 1.5 years ago and we miss them so much!! we were able to see them over christmas, but hope that they will make a summer visit in a couple of weeks! i think we all threatened them that we would bring the whole crew to texas if they didn't come.

cailin has always loved small toys like polly pockets. back in the day they used to live next door to my sister and down the street from me. anytime cailin came over my sister would have to do "polly pocket checks" at the door. my sister and her husband enclosed the garage in their old house and had a large playroom with nothing but toys and one sofa. cailin would often lose parts of her polly pocket in the abyss that was that playroom. polly pockets are small, but their shoes and other accessories are even smaller!

cailin and alex loved living next door to each other, so hopefully when they get older we can convince them to move back to mississippi!

my brother called me the other day and told me that cailin had gotten a book from the library. while she was reading it he heard her say, "aunt emily is in this book." ??? apparently there is a picture of joel and me from youth legislature when we were in high school. not quite sure how i feel about that!

i have some more pictures of cailin with alex and jack, but i'll post them later!

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