alex o'reilly is everyone's best friend...everyone. from the kids in his school to the strangers he meets in the grocery store that you are hoping he won't talk to.
he is the oldest of all my nieces and nephews, so i figured i would start with him.
the picture to the left was taken on his first birthday in the hospital...a day after his twin sisters were born.
i can't believe that he turned 7 this summer! he's about to start the first grade. i can actually remember the first grade! they're all getting way too old!

when alex was little he used to call himself "ya ya." he's probably getting too old for me to call him that, but i can't help it. he is very outgoing and has wanted to have the following occupations: firefirghter (typical child aspiration), rockstar (typical o'reilly aspiration) and most recently chef. he has always helped his mama out in the kitchen and loves coming up with new creations. he could flip pancakes at the age of 4...i just learned how to do that. i'm pretty sure he could make it as a comedian too.

my sister is an amazing mom. 4 kids in 2.5 years...she is my hero. her kids fight over who gets to set the table at night b/c they get to be the "waiter" for the night. genius!

this picture below was taken a while back, but it doesn't really sink in til you see a picture of all 4 of them! i just hope i'm as good a mom as she is!!

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www.thecrazyoreillys.blogspot.com said...

sissy -

thanks for the accolades. but i shouldn't be your hero. sometimes i think i'm the worst mom! but thanks for being such a rockin' aunt! love you!

p.s. how do i add the blog list to my blog? and the counter? lol