signs i'm approaching 88 and not 28

- i love playing bridge with my family

- scrabble is probably one of my favorite games...if there was a jackson league i would probably join

- my breakfast of choice is always oatmeal with walnuts and strawberries

- i love hot tea with lemon and honey

- i prefer honey that is made locally...to help with the allergies, you know

- i always have to have a blanket when i watch a movie, even in summer

- i have to wear reading glasses

- when i drive i like to listen to sermons, mpr or afr. really? i'm embarrassed of that one. the next step is getting books on tape. i don't listen to the classical music on them yet, but i do listen to the talk radio segments.

- i prefer soymilk

- i frequent fabric stores

- i like eating dinner at 5:30

- there are many, many white hairs on my head

- i like to sew and really want to learn how to knit, smock and quilt

- when i'm out with my friends we complain about the noise (at least i'm not alone on that one)

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