google reader

i have a lot of friends with blogs

i read a lot of decorating/crafting/recipe blogs.

i stalk even more blogs of people i don't know, but feel like i do.

google reader makes this process much easier.

if you don't know what google reader is then you must find out now!


it will make you so much more productive!

click on add a subscription at the top. add the url (mama...that's the web address). it updates it automatically. as you scroll down it marks it as read. it's like it's all on one website.

it's amazing.

right now i have 42 unread posts. it would take me forever to click on all those blogs, but now it takes no time!

if you still have a yahoo, hotmail or aol account....just go on ahead and do yourself a favor and sign up for gmail.

you can thank me later.

1 comment:

mary-kathryn said...

amen amen amen! and don't you know i am stalking about a million blogs myself!!! glad to know i am not the only one!