Easter festivities

this is the wreath that my sister and i set out to make. she had found the picture in an old magazine, so we were determined to make it. it's so colorful and looks so pretty with my azaleas that finally bloomed that i don't want to take it down.
i'll try to come up with another colorful wreath to take it's place.

after church on Easter sunday we went over to my mom's house for lunch. we missed having my brother's families there, but i couldn't resist a photo op with my sister's children in their Easter dresses.

i told them to hug each other. it looks like alex sort of has a choke-hold on molly.

no choke-hold

if you wear bunny ears you have to do a bunny pose

alex might kill me one day, but then again he is the one who did the pose

after the posing it was off to the hunting. as you can tell the eggs weren't really "hidden." this was about their 6th hunt, so the excitement had worn off.
alex, who learned how to be sarcastic from his mom and me, looked at his mamaw and said, "wow! you hide eggs really well!"

cute little annie

sweet mimi put her eggs in so carefully

molly was missing a lot of the eggs and not really in to all of it....until....jeanette told her that some of the eggs had "crabby patties" in them! the kids gave up candy for lent, and crabby patties are molly's favorite! (crabby patties are from spongebob squarepants just in case you are unfamiliar)
after molly heard that she was running across the front yard trying to grab as many as she could.

their church had a hunt for them after the service, and alex had racked up. we decided that they should put all the eggs on the floor and divide them evenly. it was a ton of eggs!!! after we went through all of them and picked out the ones where people had just stuck some unpackaged jelly beans in they had a normal amount.

if you go to my sister's blog you can see pictures from earlier in the week of the egg dying and cake making. Easter is jeanette's favorite holiday, so we always go all out!

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