the nursery

i love sweet, gentile nurseries...adore them. but i also love colorful children's paintings....LOVE them. after writing color theory papers in college & majoring in art, psychology and human development i understand the importance of bright colors in early development. good thing that i have lots of colorful paintings! i didn't really have to buy much of anything for the nursery.

here is the view coming in the door. where the star pillow is will be a chenille chocolate brown glider.

the tall walter anderson would only go in that spot. it weighs about 100 lbs. & we didn't want to risk it coming off the wall, so that is where it is going to stay!

heath has to lower the mattress, so then i will be able to tie the ties on the bumper. it's just the simple brown and white bedding from pottery barn. since i knew that the paintings would be colorful i wanted to keep everything else simple. the brown chest is one i already had. the crib was a gift from heath's mom. she gave us some money for a crib & i found one we loved at a great price! we were able to get it and the changing table with the money she gave us.
we are trying to find some curtains for the window because the sun still comes through the blinds. i have some more paintings to put where the tv is on top of the chest.

i'm painting a picture for the hospital door that will eventually hang over the changing table.

still have some more work to do in this area. i have a small painting to go by the tv, so hopefully everything will seem balanced.

this is the bookcase that is by the door. i'm going to need to hit up some garage sales to fill it! although i'm sure i'll have plenty of stuff to fill it with once our little guy shows up!

my sweet mom got us our stroller and car seat, so we are ready for our sweet little guy to get here!!


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Caroline said...

LOOOOOVE it! i'm sure he'll be super artistic like his momma! and just wait for your shower. i'm sure there will be plenty of trinkits to fill in those shelves :)