why is it....

that my lips go down for a frown, but can't go up for a smile?

ever since i was little i could make the "bulldog face", which then turned into the will clark face.
will clark played baseball for mississippi state, but went on to play for the giants, rangers, orioles and cardinals. when he would bat he would always make a frown.

since my family rarely missed a state baseball game they thought it was entertaining to get me to do the frown.

it isn't a mystery that i love to laugh, and i love to smile. all the time. one day in high school, a friend (caroline...i think it was you) pointed out that when i smile my lips don't go up.

to illustrate this point here are some ridiculous pictures. i apologize.

here is the will smith frown these days....

and here is my no smiling smile.
i am trying my absolute hardest to bring the corners of my mouth up. they don't budge.

thanks for letting me share.

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Anonymous said...

you are BEAUTIFUL...even if you have a horizontal smile! love you! caroline