texas trip number 3

this past weekend my mom and i took annie and emily for a long weekend to san antonio. every time we have driven there we go a different way, and i think we finally found the best route.

while we were there we had a miss america party.

these were our activities:

-making necklaces
-decorating tiaras with stickers
-making hair ribbon things
-watching the pagaent
-eating pizza pizza
-drinking shirley temples with a crazy straw
-decorating cupcakes...strawberry of course
-dance party!
-putting on make-up
-doing fun hair-dos
-painting fingernails
-cleaning fingernail polish out of the carpet...did you know that windex gets it out? neither did i! shaving cream also works, but not fingernail polish remover...which is what you think would work.

thom decided to get out of the house and go to the movies, so it was an all girls night!

here are some pictures from the party...

the girly girls showing off the hair ribbons they made.

the next day cailin asked me to do another scavenger hunt for them. the last time we took alex i did 3 scavenger hunts because they were having so much fun! the funny thing is that a lot of the clues included them cleaning and doing school work!

this time the clues said that a silly monster had stolen annabel's penguin and we needed help finding it.
one of the clues had them crawl under all of the dining room chairs that were in a straight line. they had to spin around in a chair and walk a straight line, and about 18 other activities. we made a fort and finger puppets. later that night they put on a play with the finger puppets.

i am so blessed to be their aunt!!

i have a couple more pictures from the scavenger hunt that i'll post later. one of these days i'll post pictures from texas trip #2

below is a video of annabel saying her name....annabel "guffy"

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Anonymous said...

oh my stars...they are getting so big and SO beautiful! i cant think about my girls getting that big or i'll cry...crazy hormones! caroline hogan